Working in what makes you happy or what gives you money?

Fabian Bonilla
3 min readJul 13, 2022


Sales jobs are one of the professions that generates the best income in today’s market.

It’s a tricky question, some might consider that if you work in what makes you happy you’ll make a lot of money. But in most of the cases or at least half of them, it’s the other way round.

From my short work experience so far at 24 years old, I’ve witnessed that the degree for what you studied for doesn’t make much of a difference in the earlier years of your career. Most of my countrymen don’t have a job related to the field where they studied for and that includes me. When I say that, I don’t mean that’s something negative, because from what I’ve lived, usually sales jobs are the ones that pay off the most and unless you studied marketing in college, you didn’t prepare yourself for that, at least that’s how it works in my country.

Now I will say this as someone who’s coursing Grant Cardone’s sales training at Cardone University. It’s a myth when someone tells you “do what makes you happy and you’ll make a lot of money”, when it is actually “do what others are not willing to do and you’ll make a lot of money”. For instance, almost everybody hates cold calling but is one of the activities that gives you the most amount of income or the best results. Everybody hates giving bad news to your customers but at the end of the day, they’ll appreciate you putting on your face or letting them know in advance of the issue that happened.

Sales jobs are one of the most profitable professions in today’s market.

I wrote an article recently about taking risks, and this is what it is all about. You gotta take risks if you want to eat the world, one great example of this is a commission based job where basically it is up to you 100% if you want to survive in this world since you’re literally selling a product or service to put food on your table. The majority of my friends and family members rather stick to a salary based job but it’s a really low paying one, and they have no idea what they’re losing or don’t even realize the opportunities they have because of fear or cowardness.

Now I will say this, selling a product is not the only key to prosper economically, at least in other third world countries but it’s decisive. Here’s other ways where you can make money without being in a sales position:

-Starting your own company, you’re going to have to be patient since it takes time for the business to actually get positive incomes.

-Having a second job or a profession besides your actual job.

-Growing in the company where you’re currently working with.

I’m going to exclude joining a political party since in my country and pretty much all the rest of Latin America, being a politician it’s usually related to being linked to corruption and getting bribed by criminals.

At the end is up to each individual to decide which career path do they want to take, but concluding my experience is that you have to fall in love or know perfectly the product you’re selling, that way you can do both of what the title demands so that you can do both in one, love what you do and earn a lot of money in that process.



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