Take a risk… please

Just like the title says. Life is all about making mistakes and learning from them.” I’ll never forget the first time I saw that message written on a cardboard pasted on a wall at my 10th grade classroom. Fun part is, this message has been there since long ago, but I’ve never took the time to reflect myself about that message. Probably because I was a kid who couldn’t care less about life lessons or advices.

Going back on time. I think about all the times when I was so afraid about taking a decision, (which by the way, was probably not even that crucial or life changing) that I postponed it for an unnecessary long period of time. And it was all because of the fear of committing a mistake. Now I think about it the other way round, I regret of not making that many mistakes, but at the same time, life is too short to be regretting.

Enjoying the process is part of the journey and that involves recognizing your mistakes and learning from them.

But first, lets start by realizing what exactly is a mistake. According to the Cambridge dictionary a mistake is an action or decision that is wrong or produces a result that is not correct or not intended. Action and decision are the two key words in this definition. And there’s where our second factor comes in to the scene. Risks. Here’s another one by Cambridge, the possibility of something bad happening. Important term here is possibility. which doesn’t necessarily means a high posibility, and what’s the matter if something bad does happens? Honestly, it’s no big deal. Most of the time it’s not bad as you think it is.

Let me extend it for you with some punctual examples.

How do you contemplate on getting that promotion on your job if you don’t apply for the position? How do you anticipate obtaining a scholarship if you don’t apply for it either? How do you expect your crush to like you back if you don’t ask her out? Ask you can see, all this examples have something in common and that is that they require a challenge. I’m not going to say it’s a piece of cake because it requires a lot of courage to overcome your fears but I will tell you this, you can get unexpectable results. There’s 50/50 of possibilities that this might not work for us, however if we don’t do anything at all and don’t take our chances then this becomes a 0/100 of possibilities. Yikes. That doesn’t sounds encouraging in any way.

In closing, I’d like to add that this is a perspective from someone who has lived several lessons the hard way and has still managed to live a blessed and happy life with several barriers and challenges to conquer. It’s always healthy to be graceful for what you are and what you have because loving yourself is the key for becoming someone brave after all.

So the next time, please, do yourself a favor and get out of that comfort zone. You’re worth more than that. Believe me.



Honduran bachelor that loves to football, movies, reading books and now learning how to write articles.

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Fabian Bonilla

Honduran bachelor that loves to football, movies, reading books and now learning how to write articles.