Shark Mentality: Eat or Be Eaten

Fabian Bonilla
3 min readJul 15, 2022
Sharks are found in deep and shallow waters throughout the world’s oceans, with some migrating vast distances to breed and feed.

By nature, sharks are one of the most curious animals not only in the sea but in our entire ecosystem. They’re on top of the food chain for a reason. But even them being on top of the food chain can get devoured by killer whales. This same can be applied to humans and I’m not comparing it literally to us being able to eat meat and chicken and being eaten by lions, sharks, because that’s possible too, but I’m referring as a comparison to success and failure.

As I mentioned in the previous article I wrote, Grant Cardone has taught me an incredible handful of tips and tricks and you can feel identified with this especially if you’re a salesman or starting your own business. Waking up at 4:00 am, drinking a great amount of water, taking power naps, sleeping early, doing exercise, especially cardio are some of the small routines that can make a big difference and create an impact in our life and bring in great results with it.

From what I’ve seen in some of his motivational videos, we should consider success as a duty. Everybody says that being successful is the next step of working hard when actually if you think about it, hard work should be an obligation for everyone these days, especially with how expensive fuel, electricity, gas and many other bills are. That makes me think that people rather have this bills going on in their life instead of taking a simple risk or working harder.

Everyone has so much potential inside of them but not all can reach it, I’d say not even half and that’s another aspect I’ve learned in the journey. You shouldn’t work based on achieving your quota, a fixed number or percentage of minority group members or women needed to meet the requirements of affirmative action but actually on reaching your potential because if you satisfy with being ordinary then you’ll put yourself some limits without even realizing what you’re completely capable of accomplishing.

I’ll end up saying that this shark mentality is quite optional for people, I don’t blame people who has tried this lifestyle, perspective and/or working method since it requires great effort and dedication but I do think that there’s a lot of people who has never even think about changing their habits, worst part is there’s several professionals who probably are not even aware of this mentality. However I strongly believe that the people who have actually heard of this habits should try them at least once, you can go from there, but yes, try them by going hard or going home not half measures.

Grant Cardone has a net worth of over $600 million dollars



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